New Home Orientation

Prior to closing, ProHome will schedule and conduct a New Home Orientation. The New Home Orientation will show the home's operations and educate homeowners on home maintenance v. warrantable claims. ProHome will also create a punch list of any items needing attention, repair, or replacement.
Warranty Services

During the warranty term, homeowners may initiate two term walks. ProHome will schedule and conduct the term walks, documenting and photographing items from the homeowner's list of warrantable claims. ProHome will also take call-in claims and provide 24-hour emergency service. Call-in claims will be processed through the warranty review team and ProHome will schedule approved warranty work with the homeowner and subcontractor, with follow up and track through completion. 
10-Year Structural Defects Protection 

The warranty provides coverage for "major structural defects" that occur during the term of the warranty. A "Major structural defect" is defined as actual physical damage to load-bearing portions of the home which affects the load-bearing function to the extent that the home becomes unsafe, unsanitary or otherwise unlivable. 
Total Structural Liability 

Centricity is responsible for major structural defects arising during the term of the warranty, limited to the amount of coverage provided under the warranty and subject to all terms and conditions of the warranty.